Skyrim Werewolf Rare Finishing Moves and Fatalities

Ocak 17, 2012 de Oynanışlar Noobkin tarafından

Checked most of the Werewolf gameplay movies and i could not or really rarely see these moves so i decided to upload a demonstration about werewolves real potentials in Skyrim.

How to do these moves are easy, there are spesific combinations for them, your instruments are:
- Holding down left mouse button
- Holding down right mouse button
- Holding down both mouse buttons


Tapping or pressing keyboard directions (W, A, S, D)

(Same power movement instruments without beast form for melee)

You can combine all these instruments and you will have perform different power moves. For example while using side directions (A, D) and holding down left mouse button will most likely perform backhand knock back the enemy.

Decapitating power move is while holding nown forward direction button (W) and holding down both mouse buttons. If this one does not work for the first time try without (W) forward direction.

I strongly encourage you to test out all instruments while you are in Beast Mode you will have a blast! Happy Skyrims! Please watch my noobish video below for some demonstrations.

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